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Starter Kit Berlin

How do I become a Berliner? (german: Wie werde ich ein Berliner?)

The New Berliner is a characteristic of the city. The neighbourhood he settles in is his pride. Show your origin and make Berlin your home. The Starter Kit shows you the way in three steps.

Step 1 The Key

Wear a sign that makes you a Berliner. The Berlin Key is a Berlin patent. Modify the object with the postcodes of your birthplace and your new address in the city. Wear this unique item and as your personal trademark.

Step 2 Your Engagemant

Set an example by participating in public life in a way that benefits everyone. With your commitment you have the opportunity to intervene in the cityscape. With a water donation for a public fountain, you get it running, to the delight of all. For example, choose the day you moved to Berlin. With an annual donation, you can celebrate your anniversary.

Step 3 Your Home

If Berlin is not just a station but is to become home, then set a sign for it.

On cemeteries in Berlin, you will find stands for storing watering cans. Visitors attach their personal watering can to these with a bicycle lock. For easier recognition, most mark their object.

Make a mark in a place of peace and continuity. Modify a standard model of the watering can with these instructions and hang it symbolically on one of the stands on a cemetery in Berlin. Make a visible reservation for Berlin - beyond life.


The project Starter Kit Berlin was my graduation project at the Berlin University of the Arts, in 2003. The original presentation, with many detailed photos, can be seen online as a slideshow here.

Update: In the meantime, it is no longer possible to donate explicitly for individual fountains, as the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg also finances the operation of the fountains through advertising.

Press: An article about my project: Starter Kit Berlin (in german)